1. relationships are about TRUST, marriage about MONEY and sex is just about….SEX(Meddy guru)

2. to be RICH one must first REALIZE they are poor.(Meddy guru) what you feel is RIGHT because whatever you do,people will always CRITICIZE you.(Iaccoca)

4. as long as you have MONEY,people will kiss your arse.(Meddy guru)

5. girls can’t tolerate girls either, that’s why most girls hang out with boys.(Meddy guru)

6. I do not have TIME to consider ALL the things I have to consider.(Danny Crane)

7. the only thing one is scared about is tomorrow…i don’t live for tomorrow.(DC) can never count on people to care about the problems of others,they will however deeply invest in their own.(Shirley schmidt)

9. all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to say…’its a business'(Allan shore)


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